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Welcome to the incredible world of Amish Dog Kennels & Henhouses!

We absolutely LOVE our Amish Dog Kennels & Henhouses! Built with Amish precision, excellent workmanship and attention to detail, our goal is to provide you our clients with the best possible structures for your family pets, breeding dogs and puppies, and protection dogs. 

Our Dog Kennels and Henhouses promise the best in pet care, ease-of-use, easy to keep clean and maintain. These are the most well-designed structures in the world. Every design and model promotes your pets’ health, welfare and safety.

Our clients never regret their investment in purchasing any of our structures. And we are happy to be able to provide such excellent pet structures in Amish-built Dog Kennels and Henhouses.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our dog kennels include many standard features that make it easy to keep your dog happy and healthy and to protect your investment.

Attractive and Functional

We combine high-quality materials and the skill of our Amish craftsmen to deliver a product that will look good and perform for a life time.

Unique & Fully Customizable

While we have many pre-configured designs, we are always open to hearing our customers’ ideas. Every dog kennel can be built to your exact specifications.

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